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Loca. Chef's Choice menu in the evening.

Just sit and enjoy.

We'll prepare a surprise menu for you.


Inform us about any food intolerances, dislikes or dietary preferences you have (vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian, ...) and we will bring you your special chef´s choice menu.

Fresh every day, and created by our chef Michael out of the best ingredients

6 course menu.

€ 79.00

Wine accompaniment.

€ 38.00

Accompaniment with
non - alcoholics

€ 32,00


€ 4.00

We also offer a smaller version of the menu until 6:30 pm.

3 course menu.

€ 49.00

Wine accompaniment.

€ 25.00

Accompaniment withnon - alcoholics

€ 16,00


€ 4.00

Menü: Das Restaurant
Loca. Impressions.

Do you still need some inspiration? See with your own eyes what awaits you here.

Are you in the mood for our food?

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