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Loca. Xmas menu.

Celebrate with your loved ones on the 24th.

We will cook you a special Xmas menu.


Christmas deserves to be celebrated. We will serve you a very special Loca-Xmas 4-course menu. With the best ingredients and created by our chef Kim. You tell us what you don´t like or don´t tolerate and then the loca will do i´ts magic to you.

4-course menu including aperitif 
(Glass Rose Brut) and cover.

€ 119.00

The best of local fish 
with saffron mayonnaise, quail egg, bread chip
& smoked carp caviar 

* * * 

Foamed pepper cream
with Chicken WanTan

* * * 

Beef Wellington
Pumpkin Maroni Puree
& wild broccoli

* * * 

Christmas in Vienna
Baked Apple - Gingerbread - Berry Punch

Menü: Das Restaurant

Wine pairing

€ 43.00

Accompaniment with organic juices

€ 20.00

Loca. Impressions.

Do you still need some inspiration? See with your own eyes what awaits you here.

Are you in the mood for our food?

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